Collage showing pictures from Ukraine and other crises around the world.

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We need your help to be there for those who need it most, whether they’re in Ukraine, Afghanistan, or here in the UK.

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Three men ride bikes through a forest.

Ride for tomorrow

This September, choose your miles and ride to help people affected by climate change.

A man wearing a Red Cross vest walks across dry, cracked ground in Africa.

Africa food crisis 

Soaring food prices, conflict and climate change are plunging Africa into a severe food crisis.

Heatwave UK

Make sure you're prepared for the effects of a drought or water shortage, and find out how to save water and stay safe.

Here's what to do in hot, dry weather when there's an increased risk of danger from grass fires and wildfires.

The Red Cross supports people affected by climate change in the UK and around the world.

Ukraine: get help or give help

Find information and help for Ukrainians coming to the UK or already here. 

British Red Cross head of psychosocial support, shares advice for hosts and guests

Five months on, and our work in Ukraine is as vital as ever. Please support us.

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Find out how we supported people 75 years ago when India was partitioned, and pledge to stand with refugees today. 

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See how we support and provide health and social care services in the UK. 

See how we help people who are facing hunger, conflict or have to flee their home.