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Africa food crisis 

100 million people are now struggling to eat in parts of Africa. And numbers are rising.

Volunteers from the Afghan Red Crescent unload boxes of Red Cross and Red Crescent humanitarian aid from a truck in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan earthquake

Disaster strikes Afghanistan again. We're there on the ground with food, water and shelter.

Ukraine: give help and get help

We're still helping people in Ukraine and bordering countries. Please support us.

Find information and help for Ukrainians coming to the UK or already here. 

Refugee Week 2022

We're calling on you to stand with us. Add your name to say that every refugee matters.

Join our support line team to help to Ukrainians in the UK.

Teaching young people to empathise with refugees can build a better world.

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See how we support and provide health and social care services in the UK. 

See how we help people who are facing hunger, conflict or have to flee their home.