VOICES Network

Experts by experience speak out to change minds, policy and practice.

The VOICES network is a collective of refugees and people seeking asylum. Together, they speak out about issues that affect them.

As people with lived experience, VOICES Ambassadors share unique insights into what it’s like to seek asylum in the UK and contribute to their communities.

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How VOICES works

VOICES runs in towns and cities in England, Wales and Scotland. Our Ambassadors advocate on issues including the government’s new immigration bill, the right to work, family reunion and immigration detention. Working as a group, they decide which issues to focus on and what action to take. 

VOICES ambassadors have travelled to Westminster to meet their MPs, co-created a podcast series about their experiences, and spoken out in online and live events. The project embodies the Red Cross’ commitment to putting people with lived experience at the heart of our work.

VOICES in the Red Cross

VOICES ambassadors often also take part in other Red Cross projects.  For instance, Families Together helps refugee families integrate into the UK.

VOICES grew out of the pioneering AVAIL project that put refugees and asylum seekers at the heart of services and policies that support them across four European countries


VOICES project locations

  • Birmingham
  • Derby
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Leicester



  • London
  • North-east England
  • Sheffield
  • South-east England 
  • Across Wales