Transcript for Circles of Control video

It's normal to worry - but when we worry about things which we might not be able to control, it can feel hard to manage.

Here’s an activity to help you to understand what you can control. You’ll need a pen and paper.

Draw two circles - one inside the other.

Put all the things you worry about but might not be able to control in the outer circle.

Put everything you can control in the inner circle.

Some of these worries may be connected: for example if you’re worried about a big challenge, but you can only control a part of it.

Try focussing on the inner circle, on the things you can control, and think of simple acts you can do to manage these worries.

Think about how we can help ourselves to manage different situations and challenges.

When you’ve finished, pause and ask yourself – what have you learned?

What might you do differently now you have done this activity?