Get help with loneliness

Are you living with loneliness or social isolation - or know someone who is? We can help you connect with your local community and meet new friends.

How we can help

Together with one of our local Connecting Communities team, we’ll explore your interests and help you start doing the things you want, such as:

  • meeting new friends
  • connecting with local activities and services
  • rediscovering your interests or finding new ones
  • building your confidence.

Our support will be tailored to your needs and will last for around three months.

We’ll join in with your activities and chat with you regularly about how you feel and what progress you’re making. We’ll aim to make sure you feel able to keep up your activities once our support ends.

Who we can help

We can help people of all ages who feel isolated or alone. You may be:

  • bereaved
  • retired
  • a new parent
  • just out of hospital
  • dealing with an illness or condition that limits your ability to get out.

We can help if you’re facing a crisis or just want to talk with someone local to you.

Connecting Communities is delivered through our partnership with the Co-op.