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Activities and advice to support wellbeing and build resilience

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Reaching out to others may feel like a challenge at times and knowing where to look for advice is sometimes difficult.

Explore our wellbeing resources to learn skills that will help you cope when faced with adversity including stress, anxiety, loneliness, and managing your personal connections.

Wellbeing resource packs

Use these downloadable resources in your everyday life to support your wellbeing, mental health and social connections.


Wellbeing workshops

Available for adults (ages 19+) and youth groups (ages 10 to 19), our range of guided wellbeing workshops allow you to learn ways to support your wellbeing and build resilience. Whether it's in a face-to-face or online session, we can help you and others build personal skills that can improve everyday life and help build stronger communities.

Explore our free workshops

Youth workshops

Adult workshops

Learn online: Activities and advice

Online activities and information to help manage your wellbeing. This includes resources around coping with problems, general wellbeing advice and also ways to stay connected to others and managing feelings of loneliness.

Resources to support stress and anxiety

Whether it's work, school, or problems at home - it's easy for life to sometimes feel overwhelming. Explore our resources that include tips and advice that can help you better deal with feelings of stress, worry and anxiety, as well as building resilience.

Blue Monday mental health advice

Resources to support community connections

Our connections and relationships with others are incredibly valuable, but often are neglected. Learn more about how to maintain connections and feel more confident building them.

Tackling feelings of loneliness

Learn how you can support people who may be experiencing loneliness.

Wellbeing resources for young people

British Red Cross offers free wellbeing teaching resources for children and youth to promote empathy, kindness and resilience.

Support line 

If you're feeling lonely and want to speak to someone, you can call the British Red Cross' support line.

Call us on:

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Get in touch

We would love to hear your stories, especially if they inspire others. How do you build confidence and meaningful connections in your life? Have you overcome feelings of loneliness?

Please email us at yourstory@redcross.org.uk

Help communities cope in a crisis

Our free online resources and workshops teach lifesaving first aid and wellbeing skills to millions of people. Help us fund this important work by donating whatever you can.