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Develop skills to build confidence, resilience and improve your general wellbeing

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Activities and advice to support your wellbeing and build resilience

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Reaching out to others may feel like a challenge at times and knowing where to look for advice is sometimes difficult. Explore our wellbeing resources to learn skills that will help you cope when faced with adversity including stress, anxiety, loneliness, and managing your personal connections.

Wellbeing resource packs

Our free wellbeing pack and spring wellbeing calendar are full of activities to build resilience, cope with worries, and connect with others. You can also download our Kindness pack for children, listen to our podcast, and find wellbeing cards in multiple languages.

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How to use our wellbeing offering

This wellbeing offering from the British Red Cross’ Community Education team, is aimed at providing guidance and support to help build skills to improve your wellbeing and build resilience. The offer includes a range of resources that can be used in different ways and times to support your wellbeing.

Online advice and activities

Our Learn with us section provides educational advice and activities that can help improve and shape your approach to managing your wellbeing. This includes resources around coping with problems, general wellbeing advice and also ways to stay connected to others and managing feelings of loneliness.

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Resource packs

These downloadable resources are for use offline with individuals or groups and in some cases, hard copies are available to order. These are resources that you can use in your everyday life to support your wellbeing such as activities, calendars, or worksheets.

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Wellbeing workshops

Our workshops are an interactive learning experience, facilitated by a trained BRC educator where you will be guided/supported to build key life skills to support your wellbeing and build resilience. Available in online, phone and face-to-face sessions they provide a supported space for learning.

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What is community education?

The Community education team is part of the British Red Cross focusing on improving the wellbeing and resilience of individuals and communities across the UK. 

Helping your everyday wellbeing

Your mental and physical wellbeing plays an important role in your overall health and also how you deal with difficult and challenging situations. Learn how to take care of your wellbeing, as well as that of others, with our activities.

Feeling overwhelmed? Resources to help you cope with adversity

Whether it's work, school, or problems at home - it's easy for life to sometimes feel overwhelming. Explore our resources that include tips and advice that can help you better deal with feelings of stress, worry and anxiety, as well as building resilience.

Lost touch? How to stay better connected

Our connections and relationships with others are incredibly valuable, but often are neglected. Learn more about how to maintain connections and feel more confident building them.

Tackling feelings of loneliness

We all can experience feelings of loneliness at any time in life. Learn about the experiences of others and how to manage your own feelings.

Let's talk about loneliness

Loren, our young volunteer, answers other young people's questions about loneliness and how to help.

> Read part one 

> Read part two

Explore what loneliness is, how it can make us behave and who it can affect with this animated film. How can you use its ideas to help others or yourself today?

Try our wellbeing resources

Download or order copies of our resources that can support your mental health and that of others.

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Spring wellbeing calendar

Boost your wellbeing, make positive connections, and learn new skills this spring with our calendar.

Due to unprecedented demand, the print version is no longer available, but you can still download the colourful PDF to use at home or within your community..

Wellbeing first aid toolkit for adults

Wellbeing resource pack

Explore information and engaging activities to boost your wellbeing with this toolkit. It's available to download or to order for free as printed colour copies for use with groups and individuals.

Covering a range of topics, from resilience to building connections and confidence, it will help you manage stress and be kinder to yourself. You will also develop a greater understanding of yourself and those around you.

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Kindness activity pack

This engaging activity pack helps you learn about feelings, coping skills and the power of kindness. Being kind not only supports others but also helps us feel good too. It encourages you to do a small act of kindness every day and to safely connect with your community and family.

You’ll also feel more confident coping with changes and challenges. You can download the digital version to complete at home or school.

Wellbeing resources translated

Our wellbeing pack is also available to download or order colour printed copies in Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Tigrinya. We also have wellbeing cards with ideas and activities for coping with everyday issues like confident decision-making and problem-solving.

These are available to download in English, Amharic, Farsi, Kurdish, Pashto and Tigrinya.

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Guided learning: Wellbeing workshops

Sign up for a wellbeing workshop with one of educators to learn new skills to support you and others in everyday life.

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Our range of guided wellbeing workshops allow you to learn from us about ways to support your wellbeing and build resilience. Available for adults (ages 19+) and youth groups (ages 10 to 19), our flexible learning approach allows us to reach those in need in different ways.

Whether it's in a face-to-face or online session, we can help you and others build personal skills that can improve everyday life and help build stronger communities.

Why try a workshop?

Learn practical skills to support you and others in everyday life and improve your general wellbeing, including:

  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • coping with changes
  • managing challenges and overcoming adversity
  • approaching problems affecting you and your community
  • improving communication and empathy skills

Support for children and young people

Explore our resources aimed at helping children and young people learn wellbeing and kindness skills. Our teaching resources can be used in primary and secondary schools, ages 5 to 19.

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Learn skills that can help young people with first aid, empathy building and coping with loneliness. Available for school or community groups.

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Teach students the importance of kindness and how it can help support their wellbeing.

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In episode 3 of The Kind Place podcast, Tigest and Reb talk about their experiences of loneliness and how technology can make you feel less, and sometimes more, lonely.

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Engaging activities you can do away from the classroom to help children and young people.

Support line 

If you're feeling lonely and want to speak to someone, you can call the British Red Cross' support line everyday between 10am and 6pm.

Call us on:

0808 196 3651

Get in touch

We would love to hear your stories, especially if they inspire others. How do you build confidence and meaningful connections in your life? Have you overcome feelings of loneliness?

Please email us at yourstory@redcross.org.uk

Help us with our education

At the British Red Cross, we are always working on new and exciting ways to provide education. If you would like to help shape what and how we help in the future, please fill out our education survey.

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Aviva Partnership

Our wellbeing resources and workshops are provided in partnership with Aviva. Learn more about how we're working together to help build stronger, more resilient communities.

Working with Aviva

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