Every Refugee Matters

We want to see a more compassionate way to support refugees. Stand with us.

When terms like refugee and asylum seeker are stripped away, we’re left with who someone really is: a person with hopes and dreams, just like you or me.

As people from Ukraine, and around the world, are forced to flee their homes, there has never been a more important time to show your support for people in search of safety.

This Refugee Week, join us and stand up to say: we need a kinder and more compassionate way to support refugees.

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Our policy calls

The government is overhauling the asylum system. And as they do, we urge them to create a fairer and more effective approach to how we treat people seeking refuge in the UK.

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Our CEO reacts to the Nationality and Borders Bill

We believe a person’s need for protection and, therefore, their ability to claim asylum should be judged on the dangers they have faced and not on how they enter the UK..

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Understanding what's happening in the asylum system

Members of the VOICES network stand outside Parliament holding 'Every Refugee Matters' signs

The UK public is in favour of welcoming refugees – let’s not make people’s journeys to safety even harder

New British Red Cross research reveals an outpouring of solidarity in a crucial week for asylum reforms

3 minutes
An illustration of a man standing in an airport arrivals lounge, holding a sign that says "When I finally had them in my arms, I said thank you, thank you, thank you"

“Nothing is as painful as being separated from your family”

How one father of three was reunited with his family after three long years apart

3 minutes
Children enjoying a lesson

Every refugee matters: how to teach young people about migration

Teaching young people to empathise with refugees can build a better world. Here’s how to start

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'We are VOICES' - listen to our award-winning podcast

The Red Cross is calling for a more compassionate way to treat refugees and people seeking asylum. Hear why this matters from 12 experts by experience: the refugees and asylum seekers who tell their stories through our podcast series. 

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Image still from the kind place: we are voices intro film.