Every Refugee Matters

We want to see a more compassionate way to support refugees. Stand with us.

When terms like refugee and asylum seeker are stripped away, we’re left with who someone really is: a person with hopes and dreams, just like you or me.

Many have been forced to leave their homes, taken dangerous journeys and risked everything to reach safety.

Join us and stand up to say: we need a kinder and more compassionate way to support refugees.

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The government is overhauling the asylum system. And as they do, we urge them to create a fairer and more effective approach to how we treat people seeking refuge in the UK.

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Why we believe every refugee matters

An old public building with a banner and the words 'Refugees welcome' on it.

5 reasons why you should support our Every Refugee Matters campaign

As the UK government prepares to overhaul the asylum system, there's never been a better time to stand by refugees. Sign our pledge to show that #everyrefugeematters.

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A young man swathed in a Red Cross blanked walks sadly through the woods on the Belarus-Poland-border with more people behind him.

"People will still cross the Channel in search of safety, despite reforms"

Chief executive Mike Adamson believes the window of opportunity to help the 82 million people who have now been forced to leave their homes is closing. The world needs to pull together and help.

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Five producers on the podcast, from left to right, Zain, Alvina, Niloha, Saffie, and Carlos

We are VOICES: choose your journey in our interactive podcast

Episode 5 of We are VOICES takes listeners through some of the many challenges faced by refugees navigating life in a new country

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'We are VOICES' - listen to our podcast

The Red Cross is calling for a more compassionate way to treat refugees and people seeking asylum. Hear why this matters from 12 experts by experience: the refugees and asylum seekers who tell their stories through our podcast series. 

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A still from the kind place: we are voices intro film.