Find missing family

Get help finding missing relatives abroad through our international family tracing service if you have been separated by war, natural disaster or migration.

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The International Family Tracing Service is changing during the coronavirus outbreak


Following government advice we have now stopped all face-to-face appointments.  

We are looking at ways to work with service users on the phone over the coming weeks.

Please be assured that we are working hard to continue supporting people through this time, whilst managing the need to keep everyone safe. 

We have worked with Doctors of the World and other organisations to produce information on coronavirus in 23 languages.   

Please visit our website for updates.

What we can do

We may be able to help you:

  • find your missing family
  • send a message to your family (but not money or packages)
  • get a certificate of detention for people who have been imprisoned

This is a free and confidential service to help families reconnect. We won’t pass on your information to anyone else without your permission.

If you are a refugee, we may also be able to help you reunite with your family in the UK.

Who we can help

You can use our family tracing service if you haven’t been able to contact your family yourself and both of the following apply:

  • you are in the UK
  • you have been separated by war, natural disaster or migration

We may be able to help in other circumstances where there is a humanitarian need. For example, if you have suddenly lost contact with an elderly relative abroad.

How to get help

You can search for your nearest family tracing service and contact it to make an appointment.

In the appointment we’ll ask questions about your relative and where you think they might be. We’ll also help you to fill out a form. We can provide an interpreter for your appointment if you can’t speak English.

We can’t promise to find your relative but we’ll contact our colleagues in that country and let you know as soon as we get any news.

You can also check if your family are looking for you and add your photo to our Trace the Face website.

If you don’t live in the UK

If you can’t use our service because you don’t live in the UK you can contact the Red Cross or Red Crescent in your country.

Bushfire emergencies in Australia

If you have been unable to contact family or friends in Australia, this new website from the Australian Red Cross can help register, find and reunite missing people.

Over 14,000 people across Australia have already registered on this site.

Looking for family in Afghanistan?

September 2019 update: the International Committee of the Red Cross, together with the Afghan Red Crescent Society, have now resumed their restoring family links operations throughout the whole of Afghanistan, including the provinces in the Eastern Region - Nangarhar, Laghman, Nuristan and Kunar.

If you were not separated by war, disaster or migration

If we can’t help you there are other organisations who may be able to.

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