Every refugee matters: our policy calls

We're concerned about proposals that could leave refugees and asylum seekers without support and even criminalised.

This is what we believe. Will you join us?

The government has announced an overhaul of the asylum system through the New Plan for Immigration, leading to the Nationality and Borders Bill.

We’re very concerned about the proposals, which would see someone’s case and the support they receive judged on how they entered the UK, rather than the dangers they are fleeing.

This will leave many without access to vital support, including reuniting with family. It could even see people seeking asylum being criminalised and imprisoned for up to four years.

Yet many people will continue to search for safety in any way they can. The British Red Cross believes every refugee matters: that’s why we are calling for kinder and more compassionate way to treat refugees.

This includes making fair decisions based on someone’s need for protection and not on the way they arrived here.

We believe every refugee should be able to find safety

  • Every year, the UK should provide 10,000 places for people to resettle here.
  • The UK should create more safe and legal ways for people to seek protection here.
  • People seeking asylum should have their application considered based on their need for protection, not on how they arrived in the UK.

We believe every refugee should have a home.

We believe every refugee should have the support they need.

  • For a better system, people should receive quality legal advice early in the asylum process.
  • People seeking asylum should be supported to register with a GP and access healthcare.
  • The NHS should not share data with the Home Office without the consent of the person who needs help.
  • Financial support for people seeking asylum should be enough to cover their needs.

We believe every refugee should be able to have their loved ones with them.

  • Refugees should have immediate access to family reunion rights.
  • Adult refugees in the UK should be able to sponsor their children who depend on adults, up to the age of 25, to join them.
  • The family reunion process should be made safer and more accessible for families.

We believe every refugee should be able to rebuild their life and contribute to society.

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Read about our response to the Nationality and Borders Bill (PDF) in more detail.