Corporate strategy

Our strategy for 2015-19

Find out how we plan to achieve our goals.

A Red Cross volunteer sits with a refugee providing support and guidance.

Refusing to ignore people in crisis

The British Red Cross has been supporting individuals and communities to withstand, respond to and recover from emergencies and crises for nearly 150 years.

The world today looks very different from 1870, but the work we do remains relevant to the lives of people in the UK and across the world.

Through our strategy for 2015-19, we will mobilise the power of humanity so everyone gets the help they need in a crisis.

Our goals

Reduce distress and enhance recovery following an emergency in the UK.

We'll do this by focusing on:


Protect and improve recovery for people in an emergency overseas.

We'll do this by focusing on:

  • Rapid and effective emergency response
  • Cash assistance
  • Improved response to silent and complex emergencies
  • working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to support British citizens affected by disasters overseas


Enhance independence and well-being for those facing health crises, reducing hospital stays.

We'll do this by focusing on:


Reduce destitution and distress for people who are displaced.

We'll do this by focusing on:


Enhance Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement capacity to reach people in critical contexts across the world.

We'll do this by focusing on:


Ensure people know what to do in a crisis.

We'll do this by focusing on:

How we’ll achieve our goals

To achieve our goals, we’ll need to change how we work as an organisation. We will:   

  • put people in crisis at the heart of everything we do
  • focus our resources on where we can help most
  • speak up for people in crisis to maximise our impact
  • use technology to help more people and generate insight
  • attract and keep the right people to deliver our services
  • ensure value for money and long-term sustainability