Corporate strategy

Our strategy for 2020-30

How we will increase our impact.

Transforming how we help people in crisis

Our Strategy 2030 will transform how the British Red Cross helps people in crisis. With a focus on the impact we make, we will help reduce the risk of crisis in the first place.

We’ll also improve support and care, and empower people to act with us for change.

By 2030, we will work to ensure that:

We believe that connected communities are stronger communities. We will work with people, communities and different organisations to strengthen connections, so that, together, they can better prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis.

We will work where the risk is high and resource is low

We will focus on helping people through each stage of a crisis, including recovering, and preparing for risks so they’re resilient to face the future.

We will deliver our strategy with people at the centre and through working alongside others, as part of something greater. We will reduce our impact by becoming carbon neutral, reducing carbon emissions and waste, and working in more climate-conscious ways.

We will always put people at the centre of our work

The Red Cross is proud to be part of the world’s largest international humanitarian Movement. People are at its core, working together to deliver the greatest impact through our Fundamental Principles.

For 150 years the British Red Cross has been helping people who need it most, no matter who and where they are. Whether you volunteer with us, donate, take part in our projects or are just visiting, it is your kindness and commitment that makes our work possible.