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Our services can be tailored to meet your specific commissioning and community needs.

Woman being supported by a Red Cross volunteer with hosital to home transition

The British Red Cross has delivered health and social care services since the NHS was established. We work with commissioners to provide valuable time-limited support to vulnerable people across the UK.

Our approach

The Red Cross offers person-centred support for adults of all ages. The combination of services we provide can be tailored to meet specific commissioner and health community needs.

We have local teams of highly committed staff and volunteers. They offer quality services that are delivered within our Quality Standards Frameworks to ensure we are supporting people in the best way possible.

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The services we provide

To help people remain independent or to provide practical and emotional support to people in need, we provide the following services:

Helping people home from hospital

We help patients get home safely, quickly and effectively through our assisted discharge services. For the first 72 hours after leaving hospital, we make sure people have everything they need at home. If they need more support, we provide personalised help for the next six to twelve weeks.

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Reconnecting people with their community

Chronic loneliness and isolation can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. We work with local authorities and other organisations to tackle this. In partnership with the Co-op, we’ll be helping up to 12,500 people through our national network of Community Connectors and additions to our support at home services. Through our partnership with Land Rover, we also provide practical help and emotional support after a crisis to people in 11 rural areas. 

Supporting patients in A&E

In more than 20 A&E departments across the UK, we partner with hospitals to provide practical and emotional support to patients and families. Focusing on issues outside of medical needs, we also help people get home when they don’t need a hospital bed or treatment.

Supporting the ambulance services

We provide ambulance services under contract, primarily with the NHS. We offer services at three levels:

  • patient transport
  • urgent patient transport
  • blue light emergency response. 

We also provide ambulance services under a Royal Charter during surges in demand, predicted periods of high activity or adverse weather events. 

Working closely with commissioners, we help reduce trips to A&E departments and provide supported-discharge services. 

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Loaning wheelchairs and commodes

We loan wheelchairs and commodes to people who need them for a limited time to live independently. This can be part of a stand-alone service or an integrated package. As the biggest lender of wheelchairs in the UK, we can offer commissioners a contracted-out community equipment service.

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Transport support for healthcare visits

We provide transport as part of an integrated offer or as a stand-alone service for people who need it due to illness, disability or injury. Our support helps people reach medical and other essential care appointments, and we can use specially adapted vehicles when necessary.

Providing first aid education

If injured people received basic first aid before emergency services arrive, up to 59 per cent of pre-hospital deaths could be prevented. These are the findings from our latest research and the reason we teach first aid to adults and young people. We also focus on training people who are at a higher risk of experiencing a first aid emergency.

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