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Help people in crisis in the UK and overseas

Partners of the British Red Cross don’t just help raise money for charity. They can change the lives of people in crisis forever.

Support from our partners allows us to invest in long-term support projects in the UK and overseas. It also lets us respond right away when a disaster strikes.

Each of our partnerships is unique. Our team works closely with companies to develop ideas that make best use of their time, expertise, resources and donations. You can see our full list of corporate partners below. 

A British Red Cross volunteer wearing a mask and gloves loads a bag of food from Tesco into an emergency vehicle.


We are delighted to be the founding member of the British Red Cross Disaster Relief Alliance. The Disaster Relief Alliance is leading the way in funding resilience projects as well as critical response efforts, and we are honoured to be part of an initiative that will ultimately save lives.
Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco


To find out how your company can partner with us, please get in touch:

Our corporate partners

British Red Cross corporate partnerships exists in 19 countries around the world. Our partners help us reach more people with faster and more efficient funding, technology, skills and resource. Here are some examples of the ways in which we are harnessing the power of the private sector through our work. 

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