British Red Cross: we're here for humanity

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Disaster can strike any time, anywhere. With millions of volunteers across 192 countries, the Red Cross can reach people with the help they need to get through a crisis

Joe Carstairs 1084 x 610

LGBTQ+ history month: Joe Carstairs - ambulance driver and fastest woman on water

By British Red Cross

Red Cross ambulance driver Joe Carstairs lived life fearlessly, shunning societal norms while always helping others.

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A close-up image of a section of the original Changi quilt

The Changi quilt: secrets and survival

By British Red Cross

Created by a group of defiant women prisoners during the Second World War, the Changi quilt is packed with secret messages and hidden meanings



Then and now: meet some of our most inspiring volunteers

Portrait of Florence Nightingale.

The legacy of Florence Nightingale, the first professional nurse

Her influence is still felt more than a century after her death

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JB Gill with Red Cross volunteer and lead farmer Tadios Chikuko.

Six notable people you didn't know volunteered for the British Red Cross

Just a few of the notable names who have volunteered with us

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Two police officers and two other men lift cardboard boxes into the back of a van at the time of the mining disaster in Aberfan.

Memories of a Red Cross volunteer at Aberfan

John Cole was one of hundreds of British Red Cross volunteers who helped the local community in Aberfan. Now, his daughter Anna shares his story.

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A photograph of Dr John Alcindor.

The famous Black doctor of Paddington

A doctor who overcame prejudice to help others during the First World War finally won recognition a hundred years later.

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Laszlo inside a hospital room

Caring for others through coronavirus: one nurse's story

Long-standing Red Cross volunteer and NHS community nurse, Laszlo, shares his story

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Stephen and other children from Christchurch Primary School practise first aid in school.

We campaigned to get first aid on the curriculum - now children are saving lives

By British Red Cross

When Stephen saw a woman who had collapsed in the street, he knew what to do because he had learned first aid at school with the help of the Red Cross.

How Stephen saved a life

150 years of the power of kindness

Poster designed for the recruitment of Voluntary Aid Detachments, or VADs, during the First World War.

Spanish flu: what the Red Cross did in a global pandemic

This is how we helped in the 1918 health crisis

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The Royal Mint 150th anniversary coin designed to honour 150 years of kindness through the British Red Cross.

Celebrating our 150th on a Royal Mint coin

A look at the inspiration and history behind the design

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A group of British Red Cross volunteers smile for the camera.

The beginnings of the British Red Cross

Our museum and archives curator explains how it all began

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Princess Diana holds flowers and smiles at a group of adults and disabled children at a British Red Cross camp.

From beans on toast to landmines, memories of Princess Diana and the Red Cross

We look back at the life of a dedicated humanitarian

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A British Red Cross nurse from the first world war holds a letter and looks thoughtful in a garden.

Letters from a First World War nurse

These letters from our archive show the challenges of nursing during difficult times, as well as some of the lighter moments.

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Our Emergencies Fund

When disaster strikes, the first few hours are critical. Our Emergencies Fund helps us to respond quickly and give people urgent help in the UK and overseas.