understanding the Coronavirus vaccine

Covid-19 vaccines: what you need to know

A British Red Cross volunteer stands outside a UK vaccine centre in Newham.

About the Covid-19 vaccine

Learn the facts about the coronavirus vaccine and how our volunteers are helping the NHS.

Coronavirus vaccine facts
An older lady waits for the coronavirus vaccine with a younger woman at a Covid-19 vaccine centre.

Vaccine voices 

Read real stories of people who've taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid vaccine experiences

Coronavirus vaccine facts

Together with measures to stop viruses spreading - like social distancing - vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and loved ones from Covid-19. 

If you, or someone you know is worried about taking the Covid vaccine, join the conversation, seek reliable sources and learn the facts from medical professionals like Dr Karan. Share our quick facts below to help make informed decisions.

Vaccine history

The British Red Cross has been supporting vaccination programmes for generations, and thanks to the support of our incredible volunteers, we're now working hard to help the NHS fight Covid-19.

Our online exhibition explores the key moments in vaccination history, the role of the Red Cross, and how the smallpox vaccine led to the global eradication of the disease.

Find out more about the history of vaccines.