Where else to get help finding missing family

There are other organisations that can help if you’re looking for missing relatives

If the British Red Cross' family tracing service or refugee family reunion information can't help you, try these other organisations to help find your missing family.

Missing people

Help and support for missing children and adults and their families.
Missing people: find out more

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army family tracing service helps people find adult relatives who are missing or who have lost touch.
Salvation Army: find out more

Adoption search reunion

Help searching for birth and adopted relatives.
Adoption search reunion: find out more


Support and advice network for international abduction and custody disputes.

Reunite: find out more

Lucy Blackman Trust: Missing abroad

Practical help, advice and support for families of people missing overseas.
Lucy Blackman Trust: find out more

Children and Families Across Borders

Supporting families separated by migration, trafficking, conflict, abduction and other reasons.

Children and families across borders: find out more

Other sources of help

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) can help find relative  missing abroad. You can read their leaflet Missing persons abroad or call them on 020 7008 1500 and ask for ‘Consular Protection’.