Where else to get help as a refugee

There are other organisations in the UK that can help if you are a refugee, asylum seeker or vulnerable migrant

Asylum Aid

Legal help and advice for people seeking asylum in the UK.

Asylum Aid: find out more

Migrant Help

Help, support, guidance and accommodation for vulnerable migrants across the UK, including asylum seekers and trafficked people.

Migrant Help: find out more

Refugee Action

Advice and practical support for newly arrived asylum seekers and refugees settling in to the UK.

Refugee Action: find out more

Refugee Council

Advice and help for new refugees and asylum seekers on immigration, benefits, housing, jobs and health.

Refugee Council: find out more


Help finding somewhere to live if you’re homeless and a refugee or asylum seeker.

Shelter: find out more

Other sources of help

These are some of the national organisations, but there may also be more local charities and community groups in your area that can help.