Relief fund for UK victims of terrorism overseas

Get immediate financial help if you have been seriously injured or bereaved by terrorism overseas.

When terrorist incidents occur, it can be hard for the people affected to get financial help from insurance bodies. This fund – which we set up at the request of the government – provides an immediate payment of £3,000 to help people recover from the incident.

This grant supports people in the immediate aftermath of an incident. It is not compensation for what victims have suffered.

Long-term support from the UK government

The government has launched a statutory scheme that gives victims of terrorism longer-term financial support to cover loss of earnings, compensation and expenses. The scheme is for people injured in incidents outside the UK on or after 27 November 2012.

For more information about this scheme – including who is eligible, and how to apply – please visit the Ministry of Justice website.

Contact us about our relief fund

To see if you're eligible for support from the British Red Cross' relief fund, please contact the Crisis Response Team.

Neutral and impartial

The British Red Cross is a neutral and impartial organisation and does not take a view on the nature or definition of terrorism. Our role in administering this fund is that of a humanitarian organisation whose objective is to ensure people in crisis get the support they need.

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