Our trust and statutory partners

Organisations that work with and support the British Red Cross

We’re grateful to the trusts and statutory partners that fund our work. Their support allows us to help people in crisis around the world and in the UK.

Special thanks to:

Thanks also to:

  • Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
  • Annesley (CLW) Trust
  • Anthony Du Boulay Charitable Trust
  • The Barcapel Foundation
  • Bay Tree Charitable Trust
  • Bliss Family Charity
  • The Boshier-Hinton Foundation
  • Bromhead Medical Charity
  • Childwick Trust
  • Constance Travis Charitable Trust
  • De Brye Charitable Trust
  • Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust
  • Eddie Dinshaw Foundation 
  • Elm Trust
  • Guernsey Overseas Aid
  • Hatfield Davis Family Trust
  • Herd Lawson and Muriel Lawson Charitable Trust
  • J L Seddon Trust
  • The James Tudor Foundation
  • Kavli Trust
  • The Lotus Foundation
  • Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • Moondance Foundation
  • Mrs Wingfield Charitable Trust
  • Sheila Coulton Charitable Trust
  • Stelios Philanthropic Foundation
  • Swire Charitable Trust
  • The Bernard Lewis Family Charitable Trust
  • The Cotton Trust
  • The Lucky Stone Trust
  • The Sydney Wood Foundation
  • Turgoose Trust
  • The Underwood Trust
  • Zochonis Charitable Trust