Our work with Jersey Overseas Aid

Our bond with Jersey dates back to the Second World War

bags of food being pulled out of a cardboard box

Aid being delivered in Syria

There’s a strong a bond between Jersey and the British Red Cross. This began during the Second World War.

German forces occupied the Channel Islands in 1940. Food supplies from the mainland were cut off and communications severed.

Islanders were isolated from their friends and family in the UK.

The Red Cross ship SS Vega came to their aid in 1944. It brought food and supplies to people on the verge of starvation.

Today, the link between the Red Cross and the island remains strong.

Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) has funded our development work and emergency appeals for more than 30 years.

Recently, JOA was a key supporter of our work in Syria and Myanmar.

With JOA’s help, we have saved thousands of lives.


If you represent a charitable trust or a statutory funder and want to find out more about our work or to make a donation, please contact Sophie Kosky-Hensman.