Kentchurch Court

The garden has many wonderful features and has superb views into the deer park.

Path leading to a seat in front of a wall surrounded by flowers at Kentchurch Court, one of the open gardens at the British Red Cross.

21 Jul 2023 to 22 Jul 2023


Entrance fee:
£7.50 for adults, children under 12 go free.
11am - 4pm
Garden owner:
Joss Lucas-Scudamore

For all enquiries, please get in touch with us by email:

The gardens at Kentchurch Court have developed over the years since John Lucy Scudamore inherited the house in 1815.

Much of the 25-acre garden’s roots can be found in the picturesque landscape style, popular during that period.

The garden is made up of formal lawns, a rhododendron wood, walled and vegetable gardens and has superb views into the deer park.

Tea and cakes are available in the tearoom.

PLEASE NOTE: the date in the brochure is incorrect.


Please either park opposite the church and walk up the drive or for those less able, park at the top of the drive in the courtyard where you will see a garden entrance sign.


  • dogs on leads
  • wheelchair accessible
  • refreshments