Let’s Club Together

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01 Sep 2023 to 31 Aug 2024

England and Wales

Registration fee:
Sponsorship Target:
£1 per child taking part

For all enquiries please get in touch by email at cpriestley-bird@redcross.org.uk or by phone at 0300 456 1005

From September 2023 to August 2024 the British Red Cross is working in partnership with the EFL to deliver a national initiative Let’s Club Together to help young people positively combat loneliness by focusing on kindness and togetherness.  

Over the course of your week children will complete activities that will ask them to think about:

  • How to look after yourself to become a stronger member of your team
  • Social interaction with others and the importance of friendship and support
  • Promoting positive experiences through kindness.

How does it work?

  • There will be an activity pack for each child to have that will guide them through your week. Each day there will be a different activity for your class to complete together. The activities include introducing; kindness, staying connected and understanding others.
  • On the final day children are encouraged to wear the colours or kit of their favourite team, or a colour that makes them happy - and they’re asked to make a suggested donation of £1 to the British Red Cross, helping them bring kindness to people who need support.
  • Once your kindness week is complete and your raised funds have been sent in, there will be a competition the children can enter – more information on this to follow!