Pour a cup of Kindness

Host a Red Cross tea event to raise money for people in crisis

Tea party with cake, teapot and teacup

08 May 2024 to 15 May 2024

Across the UK


For any enquiries please email us at getfundraising@redcross.org.uk or call us on 0300 456 1005

Pour a cup of kindness between 8th-15th May to celebrate being here for humanity, on World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day (8 May). 

Hosting your own tea event is easy, and you can host at home, online or anywhere in your community. Here are some ideas to help you get started: 

  • Organise a tea or coffee morning at work or with your local group. 
  • Working from home? Organise an online get-together to reconnect over a cuppa. 
  • Host a bake sale at school, college or university to help fuel your classmates through exam season. 
  • Brighten rainy Sunday mornings on a sports match side-line with flasks and a Tupperware of treats. 
  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary by hosting an afternoon tea. 
  • Plan a teddy bears picnic for the little ones.
  • Invite your friends round for a catch-up over tea and cake. 

Every day, Red Cross teams in the UK and around the World connect human kindness with human crisis.

When emergencies strike and lives are turned upside down, we're here to help people get back on their feet. Whether we’re pouring a cuppa for people affected by flooding, popping the kettle on for someone returning home from hospital, or giving a warm welcome to families fleeing conflict, it’s more than a simple brew – it’s human connection.  

Together, with your support, you can help make sure we're here for humanity the next time someone needs us, simply by hosting your own tea event and doing some fundraising. Together, we are the worlds emergency responders. 

Register for your free tea event pack, for ideas and advice on how to get started with your fundraising. 

How your donation could help people in crisis: 

  • £18 – could support a refugee or person seeking asylum at risk of homelessness to buy or cook their meals for a week. This means that as the cost-of-living rises, they can still sit down for a meal, bring people together around the dinner table and create a sense of home. 
  • £54 – could buy emergency supplies, such as blankets, for 13 people in Syria who’ve been forced to flee their homes. 
  • £75 – could allow us to keep 150 survivors of a building fire safe and warm, as we support them to find somewhere to stay for the night.  
  • £100 – could provide a set of basic kitchen items to help someone start over again after losing everything in devastating floods.