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Land Rover partnership with the British Red Cross

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For more than 60 years Land Rover has been a generous and much-valued supporter of the British Red Cross. 

Since 1954, Land Rover has loaned or donated many vehicles to help us reach remote communities around the world

However, the company’s support for the Red Cross extends far beyond providing transport, as they have donated millions of pounds to fund our work supporting people in crisis. 

Today Land Rover funds Red Cross projects on four continents meeting the diverse needs of different communities. This includes providing water and hygiene facilities and helping communities prepare for natural disasters as well as health and social care for older and homeless people. 

The partnership with Land Rover, which was formalised in 2010, has won national awards that recognise its ambitious and innovative approach. 

The Red Cross and Land Rover continue to work closely together to support the people who really need our help. 

Support at home and overseas

One of the partnership’s latest projects helps communities in Nepal build their resilience to natural disasters such as monsoon flooding. It is being funded from the auction of the two-millionth Defender, and joins 17 other projects around the world funded by Land Rover. 

Another is the launch of a drone-fitted search and rescue vehicle to support Red Cross Red Crescent disaster response.

In the UK, Land Rover supports the Red Cross by funding 11 support at home projects, which tackle the problems faced by vulnerable people affected by rural isolation. You can watch a day in the life of our service in Yorkshire in the two-minute film below.

Land Rovers also feature in our fleet of vehicles, providing essential transport for our staff and volunteers around the country.