Coronavirus kindness colouring activities

Use colouring activities and posters from museums and archives to learn more about the British Red Cross and its history of kindness

Graphic of two historic Red Cross posters half coloured in
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The British Red Cross has a history of kindness. For 150 years it has been mobilising people to respond in a crisis. The British Red Cross Museum and archives team has transformed several of their popular historical posters into colouring activities for people to enjoy at home.

Learning objectives 

Learners will:  

  • colour posters from the Red Cross museum and archives   
  • reflect on how have people have adapted in the past  
  • learn about the work of the Red Cross  
  • reflect on the power of kindness  
  • reflect on examples of resilience

Resource overview

 We will be regularly updating this page with new colouring activities and posters from the archives.

1. Volunteering

This poster was originally made by the Red Cross during the Second World War, appealing for young people to join local Red Cross youth groups. In this activity learners can colour theposter, learn more about volunteering both then and now. They can also create their own poster to recruit volunteers during the coronavirus crisis. 

2. First aid 

This first aid poster was designed in 2004 to encourage families to learn some simple first aid. Would you know how to help someone in a first aid emergency? Use this activity to learn more about first aid together with our new resource First aid champions. You could share your learning by creating your own poster complete with first aid tips. 

3. National societies

This first aid poster was created in 1986 to inform people in Africa that they could learn first aid with the national Red Cross and Red Crescent society in their country. Why is learning first aid important for everyone? Use this activity to learn more about learning first aid and national societies. You can help everyone to learn first aid by sharing your knowledge with others.</strong">

4. Home

This vase was designed in 2017 by a refugee living in the UK as part of the ‘All I left behind, all I will discover’ exhibition. Use this activity to imagine what it feels like to leave your home behind and design your own version of the vase using the template. Draw all things that remind you of your home.

Developed by British Red Cross in June 2020. Updated April 2022.