First aid champions

Resources to help children and young people learn first aid during the coronavirus crisis.

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Kindness, First aid and the bystander effect

First aid champions is a brand new online resource for learners aged 5-18. The resource was due to go live in September 2020, in time for the new RSE and health curriculum.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak we’ve made First aid champions available earlier, so children and young people can learn vital first aid skills at home. Kindness can come in many forms and one way you can be kind is by learning first aid. By learning some simple first aid you can help save lives.

You don’t need any first aid training yourself to use the site and there are also resources for children and young people to learn independently, too.

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Learning objectives 

Learners will

  •    Use engaging films, PowerPoints, role plays and quizzes to learn, practise and share first aid skills. 
  •    Learn about kindness, how to cope and keep calm, and how to keep yourself safe. 
  •    Gain the confidence and willingness to act in a first aid situation.
  •    Understand first aid from a range of perspectives, using realistic scenarios and engaging characters. 

For a suggested routes through First aid champions at home look at our primary (for children aged 5 to 11) and secondary (for young people aged 11 to 18) home learning pathways.

The resource is differentiated for different ages (primary and secondary) and both follow a ‘learn – practise – share’ structure. You’ll find a variety of activities, films, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes and photographs to create engaging first aid learning sessions. 

Visit First aid champions


The resource was developed by the British Red Cross.  
Lead author: Lucy Tutton, with support from Christine Boase and Katy Parker. 
Films and imagery: CCTV 
Visual guidelines: Not on Sunday 
Digital support: Mando