Power of kindness calendar

Find out how your primary school can practise kindness every day with our kindness calendar.

Kindness Calendar
7 - 11
Quick activity
Humanitarianism and the Red Cross

The power of kindness calendar helps children (aged 7 to 11) learn about and carry out kind acts. Using the blank kindness calendar, you and your class can think about kind acts they can do during the month. Perhaps they will be more helpful at home, be respectful and supportive to their classmates or send a recognition card to help someone feel valued. 

You can introduce your class to the notion of kindness and the British Red Cross with our PowerPoint presentation. It is a short presentation encouraging children to think about the power of kindness and the work of the Red Cross. 

Learning objectives 

By taking part in the power of kindness calendar activities, children will:

  • learn about the power of kindness
  • carry out kind acts
  • consider how they can be kind to themselves and others

Resource overview 

1. Blank calendar 
Use the blank calendar to record what they learn and daily acts of kindness.

2. Introduction to kindness and the British Red Cross
Use this presentation to introduce your class to the notion of kindness.

3. My kind acts 
The record card helps your class decide on five kind acts that they’ll each do during the month. They can use this to look back on all they have achieved.