Free kindness calendar for primary school children 

Spring kindness calendar

Encourage children, ages 5 to 11, to practise kindness and look after their wellbeing every day this spring with our new kindness calendar

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5 - 11
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Humanitarianism and the Red Cross, Kindness

Spring is often seen as a time for new beginnings, so it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your class to simple, daily acts of kindness.

With the Spring kindness calendar, primary school aged children, 5 to 11, can learn about the power of kindness in supporting others and for their own wellbeing. Available for download, the calendar activities include a range of ideas to get started. Pin your classroom poster to the wall and inspire your class to add to it and reflect on their kind acts throughout spring.

There are different sets of kindness activity suggestions for ages 5 to 7 and 7 to 11. Both include simple things they can do individually and as a class to make a difference to themselves and others. You may choose to use our PowerPoint to help introduce the subject of kindness, either in an assembly or as part of a lesson. Children can then use their own calendar every day – at home or school – colouring in the box each time they achieve their kind act.

Due to unprecedented demand, the print version of the Spring kindness calendar is no longer available, but you can still download our colourful pack to use with your class or youth group.

Download Spring kindness calendar resources

Learning objectives

By taking part in the Spring kindness calendar activities, children will:

  • identify ways to show kindness and consider the power of kind words

  • discuss the meaning and importance of kindness and wellbeing

  • practise using kindness in their everyday lives

  • explain how we can help people feel better though kindness

  • gain a sense of achievement as they fill in the boxes

  • reflect on how it feels to be kind and make a kindness goal

Resource overview

1. Spring kindness calendar – classroom poster

Use the blank kindness calendar to plan your kind acts together as a class. You can try some of our suggested activities or think of your own to do throughout spring.


2. Blank calendar printouts

Children can use their copy of the calendar to record daily acts of kindness. Every time they complete a kind act, encourage them to tick or colour in the box for that day.


3. Kindness activities

Read the supporting guidance for ideas to introduce kindness to your class or school, and for different activities to do throughout spring. We have suggestions for two age groups: 5 to 7 or 7 to 11.

Get inspired by our suggested kind acts, using them as a starter to think of your own ideas as a class. Children can think about being kind to:

  • themselves

  • friends and family

  • the community

  • the environment


4. PowerPoint

Introduce the calendar theme in an assembly or lesson through a story of kindness with our supporting PowerPoint. Ask children what kindness means to them and how it makes them feel. Afterwards, they can draw or write their ideas down and pin them around the Spring kindness calendar poster.

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