Reacting to change and uncertainty

Activities to support children and young people to develop resilience and deal with changing situations, as part of the back to better resources

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Use these activities at school or at home to explore coping with feelings of uncertainty and why following hygiene and social distancing rules is important to keeping you and everyone else safe and well.

Try out our PAW Patrol game!

Learning objectives

  • recognise why hygiene and social distancing is important
  • learn tips for coping with feelings of uncertainty
  • start and track your journey back to better
  • build resilience.

1. Coping with uncertainty

Use the session plan for primary learners to explore what uncertainty feel like and what we can do to feel better. Watch the video of young people talking about going back to school and what positive things make them feel better. 

Use the session plan for secondary learners to look at our six tips for coping with uncertainty. Use the my seven principles activity to explore with learners, in class, at home or in an assembly, things that guide us and how they can bring stability to our lives.

2. Hygiene and wellbeing

Use the session plan for primary learners to memorise some of the ways we can stop the spread of viruses like Covid-19. Use the Paw Patrol card game with learners to match the correct cards together or for a digital version download the PowerPoint and see how many cards they can remember. Encourage learners to think about doing your bit is kind to others.

Use the session plan for secondary learners to explore how social pressure can affect people's actions in an emergency. Encourage learners to think about how society is connected together and how a virus outbreak can affect us all in different ways.

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