Recovering from change and challenges

Encourage learners to think about risk and how their decisions impact them and others.

Changes and challenges
PSHE, Tutor time
Kindness, Disasters and emergencies, Home learning resources

Think about the changes and choices we face in life and consider ways to think critically and reflect on our feelings and actions. Use the activities below to consider what risks are and how we can make good choices, and reflect on how we may be feeling about the changes we've had to deal with recently. 

Learning objectives

Learners will:

  • recognise what risk and change is
  • understand how decisions affect you and others
  • identify changes in our lives and how we feel about them
  • feel positive and prepared for the future

1. Choice and making decisions

Use the session plan for primary learners to explore risk and decision making. Use the set of photos in the PowerPoint to encourage learners to evaluate a situation and practice making choices. 

Use the session plan for secondary learners to delve deeper into the consequences of actions with our chain of consequences activity. Encourage learners to share their learning with others by creating a risk awareness poster.

Children standing in the playround

Scenario photos - children standing in the playground

back to better recover cards

Recovery cards

2. Recognising what's gone or changed

Use the session plan for primary learners to explore the definition of 'change' and consider how we feel about changes that happen in our lives. Encourage learners to write a postcard to an old classmate or teacher they may want to say thank you to.

Use the session plan for secondary learners to reflect about how changes affect us and how we can feel better about them. Use the my letter to myself activity in tutor time or home-learning to explore how change makes us feel. Use the recovery cards to share tips and actions that can help us cope with challenges. Be kind and exchange cards with friends and classmates to help and encourage each other.