Refugee Week 2018

Register for our new resource to help children and young people celebrate the contribution refugees make to the UK.

Lesson Plan
Refugees and migration

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Refugee Week 2018 takes place from 18–24 June and we are developing a brand new teaching resource for it aimed at 7–14-year-olds. The resource will be published in May but to be among the first to receive it, register your interest now. It’s the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week and this year’s theme reflects “20 years of celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees”.

Why register?

The resource:

  • Helps you to engage learners through real-life case studies, films and active enquiry.
  • Enables learners to build empathy and develop critical thinking as well as mutual respect and understanding.
  • Fits in the Citizenship curriculum and supports SMSC (and other UK countries’ equivalents).
  • Includes access to a series of free 45-minutes to one hour activities.


How will it benefit my learners?

They will:

  • Increase empathy with refugees and learn about shared interests.
  • Understand how and why people become refugees.
  • Consider how refugees build their resilience and cope with building a new life.
  • Explore how creativity and contribution can be linked to building resilience in their own lives.


The image shows a young guest of the Italian Red Cross centre for families in Messina shows her drawing.

Panzetti, Marco (BRC)