British Red Cross on Campus

Join our national network of British Red Cross on Campus students and help people in crisis around the world.

A group of young people dress up to shake buckets and go fundraising for the British Red Cross.

What our campus volunteers do

Groups get active by campaigning, fundraising and raising awareness of the British Red Cross. 

Members organise events such as: 

  • film nights
  • specialist lectures
  • clothes swaps
  • flash-mobs. 

What we can offer you

Joining a British Red Cross on Campus group means that you:

  • join a network of like-minded people and make new friends
  • learn new skills which look great on your CV - get accredited for your time
  • be part of a global movement which helps connect human kindness with human crisis.

If you run a group, we will give you lots of ideas for activities and to recruit new members. You will receive a newsletter and can join our national Facebook group.  

You will also get the opportunity to attend a conference and meet other groups from across the country. At the conference you will receive training, share ideas and have fun.

How to get involved

If you do not have a group at your university, you can set one up by contacting your students' union or association. They will give you support and they often offer funding to set up an official student club or society.

Each British Red Cross on Campus group needs to be set up as an affiliated group with your student union. 

Once you have set up the group and filled the key positions such as president, secretary and treasurer, our On Campus Team will support you throughout the year.  

Book your first meeting and get as many members as possible to attend -  then plan your activity. 

Use this free pack to get your group involved in the latest important calls to action. 

Get in touch today

You can contact the British Red Cross On Campus team for advice and support on and download our free information pack.

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