Give and Gain loyalty card

Get discounts at our shops with a Give and Gain loyalty card

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Loyalty card

Get bigger bargains and add power to your donations with a British Red Cross Give and Gain loyalty card.

A Give and Gain card gets you:

  • 20 per cent off your first purchase
  • discount vouchers
  • special offers 
  • loyalty events
  • simpler Gift Aid giving.

Apply for a Give and Gain card in your nearest Red Cross charity shop.

How Give and Gain works

You get a Give and Gain point for every £1 you spend in our participating charity shops. Just hand over your card at the till to collect the points.

Your Give and Gain card will also give you:

  • opportunities to double your points
  • regular discount vouchers
  • the option to donate points back to British Red Cross appeals.

Give and Gain makes Gift Aid simple

Your Give and Gain recognises you as a Gift Aid donor if you are registered. 

Using Gift Aid means the British Red Cross can reclaim tax on all the money made from the stock you donate – an extra 25p for every £1 your donations sell for.

Gift Aid on stock is available in all shops except in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and any without an electronic till. Find out more about Gift Aid.

Read the terms and conditions of the Give and Gain loyalty card.

Replacement card

If you lose your card, you can request a replacement by contacting:


Phone: 01752 235110

A replacement card will be sent to your registered address.