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Walk for humanity: inspiring hope and unity with every step

In 2023, we launched Walk for Humanity, a 10k charity walk designed to bring people together and inspire hope. Find out what it means and how it’s growing in 2024.

Sometimes it can be hard to find hope between the headlines.

Recent crises in Türkiye, Syria, and Morocco have dominated news coverage, and conflicts in Ukraine, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories have caused devastating humanitarian suffering. But the worst of times can also bring us together, to help whoever needs us the most. That’s exactly why we created Walk for Humanity.

An event that brings people together to walk for every person living through unimaginable conflict. For every family whose home’s been destroyed by storms. For every person struggling to put food on the table after being forced to flee. And for every community pulling together and rebuilding after an earthquake.

The message is clear: Walk for Humanity is bigger than one person, one country or one cause. It's about coming together and walking for the whole of humanity.

On the day: face painting, selfies and samba

In October 2023, over 600 people came together to walk for the whole of humanity. Everyone was welcome, with some people coming solo, some in families, or groups of friends. There were adults, children and even dogs joining together with the shared belief of doing something positive to help others.

The day itself was brimming with positivity, starting with a samba warm-up, and continuing with inspirational speeches from comedian Daliso Chaponda, and author of 'The boy with two hearts' Hamed Amiri. People wrote messages of hope for the Walk for Humanity wall, selfies were taken in our special frames and faces were painted by our very talented volunteers.

Through happy smiles, some incredible dancing and lots of laughs, £61,000 was raised for the British Red Cross but, it meant so much more than that.

We spoke to Tosin, a British Red Cross challenge events fundraiser, about his experience.

“It was amazing! It was fun.

“It felt like being part of a very big family, like you would want to see out there in the world. No judgement, no prejudice, like a community of people being there for each other, uniting together in a common cause to make a difference.”

The message behind the walk really resonated with Tosin, as did the sense of a community and togetherness. “I thought: ‘we should do more of these’. Not just to raise funds, but to bring people together.

“I didn’t want the walk to end,” he added.

Tosin has been volunteering at major events for the British Red Cross since April 2023. But when Walk for Humanity was announced, he felt it was “more personal” and wanted to take part himself.

“I was involved in supporting runners at the London Marathon, cheering them on and giving them moral support. I also assisted at the Ride London post-race reception by helping participants to relax and getting them something to eat,” he said.

“Initially I was going to join the events team and support people around the course. But I thought about it and felt like I could do something more meaningful, invest more of my time and energy. So, I decided to join the walk and raise funds.”

He was so inspired by the message of Walk for Humanity he enlisted two of his friends to join him.

“It went perfectly well. The teamwork, no stress, it was just fun.”

Join us this year

Thanks to the incredible support we received last year, in Autumn 2024 we’ll not only be holding Walk for Humanity again in London but, we’ll be spreading the spirit to Manchester and Bristol, inspiring more people to come together. We know that positivity is desperately needed.

At a time when it feels like there’s so much darkness in the world, you’ll be surrounded by people who believe in doing something to help others. With every stride, we’ll show the collective power we hold as one community, and the incredible difference we can make for people in crisis, in the UK and all around the world.

You can take part solo or get together with friends and family – whether that’s your neighbours, colleagues, children or even your dog, everyone’s invited.

Find out more about how you can be involved in one of our three walks, by signing up or volunteering with our events team.