British Red Cross ambulance support staff member sits with service user Sheila in the back of an ambulance

Bridging the gap between a patient's recovery in hospital and at home

Our services are there to help make sure the hospital discharge process runs smoothly

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Wayne O'Hanlon holding a photograph of himself and his wife on their wedding day.

Facing loneliness after the loss of a loved one

Wayne shares his story of loneliness after the death of his wife of 32 years and how he found support and friendship through the 'More than words' project

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How a local choir helped Shruti overcome loneliness

Shruti shares how joining a choir helped her overcome her loneliness and meet new people after moving from India to Belfast.

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An older lady who is lonely looks out of the window.

Lonely and left behind: the pandemic's impact on loneliness

Our new report highlights the ways people have been affected

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JB Gill at the launch of 'A Million Hands'

Our Kindness Champions: one year on

Since our campaign launched, 12,000 Scouts have signed up as Kindness Champions. Here’s what they’ve been doing

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Collections of children's artwork containing messages in support  of key workers

The students carrying out kind acts while in lockdown

Our resources have helped students practice kindness to others and themselves

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Naomi Phillips, director of policy and advocacy at the British Red Cross.

Social prescribing matters – and this is why we support it

Supporting people’s social connections is now part of NHS policy - this is why we welcome it

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Close up shot of an older lady's hands. 9 million people in the UK are lonely.

What can we do about loneliness?

Millions of us are struggling – but we have big plans

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