Our committees

Find out which committees are authorised to make decisions on behalf of the board

The board of trustees can delegate responsibilities to various committees. These committees are authorised to make decisions on behalf of the board. They can also make recommendations to the board for approval.

Delegating responsibility to committees provides the board with assurance that detailed attention and scrutiny are being afforded to important strategic issues.

Although decision-making may be delegated to committees, the board collectively retains ultimate responsibility for all decisions taken. The chair, therefore, periodically reviews the structure and composition of board committees to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Finance and audit committee

Monitors and advises on financial management and audit matters affecting the British Red Cross. The committee reports and recommends financial and audit matters for approval to the board of trustees.

Read the finance and audit committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Remuneration committee

Oversees the remuneration policy and agrees the salaries and any other payments to the chief executive and executive leadership team.

Read the remuneration committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Health, safety and security committee

Responsible for providing assurance that required standards in health, safety and security are achieved and the organisation is meeting its duty of care with respect to the health, safety and security of its members.

Read the health, safety and security committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Governance and nominations committee

Oversees the corporate governance arrangements. Leads on the recruitment and selection for appointments to the board and sub committees and the process for senior volunteer positions.

Read the governance and nomination committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Emblem committee

Oversees the framework for use of the emblem and promoting engagement with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement on the use of the emblem.

Read the emblem committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Service quality and assurance committee

Provides assurance to the board on standards of quality and care. Drives continuous improvement and ensures sub-standard care is investigated and acted upon.

Read the service quality and assurance committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Ethical fundraising and quality assurance sub-committee

Provides oversight of the ethical fundraising framework and fundraising quality assurance frameworks. Advises on ethical issues relating to fundraising and non-fundraising activity.

Read the ethical fundraising and quality assurance sub-committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Investment sub-committee

Exercises the investment powers set out in the Royal Charter on the board’s behalf

Read the investment sub-committee's terms of reference (PDF).

Movement policy committee

Provides a forum for discussion between the British Red Cross chair, trustees and chief executive about the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s international statutory meetings.

Read the Movement policy committee's terms of reference (PDF).

UK Solidarity Fund committee

Oversees the handling of public funds donated to support people affected by terror attacks in the UK, with an independent chair and full delegated powers from its board.

Read the UK Solidarity Fund committee's terms of reference (PDF).