20 January 2021

British Red Cross volunteers and staff are ready to support communities affected by flooding as Storm Christoph looms during the latest national lockdown.

16 December 2020

Media statement regarding British Red Cross work in winter 2020.

11 December 2020

The British Red Cross and St John Ambulance Cymru are gearing up to support the coronavirus vaccination in a number of Welsh health boards.

04 December 2020

The Action Group on Loneliness Policy – which is chaired by the Red Cross and is a coalition of charities and professional bodies – has been working with BBC Northern Ireland to develop a special Broadcast Appeal ‘Staying Connected at Christmas – overcoming loneliness, together’.

20 November 2020

Alex Fraser, Director of Refugee Support and Restoring Family Links at British Red Cross, responds to a report out today on asylum accommodation by the Public Accounts Committee.

20 November 2020

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive, British Red Cross responds to reports that the 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income aid target is under threat. Read the full statement.

12 November 2020

The British Red Cross finds the system that gives refugees who are granted asylum in the UK the right to safely bring their family to join them is actually putting people in danger. In its report ‘The Long Road to Reunion: making refugee family reunion safer’, published today, British Red Cross makes a series of simple recommendations to the Home Office to make this route safer.

27 October 2020

Joint report by Healthwatch England and British Red Cross into hospital discharge changes during first peak of Covid-19.

19 October 2020

This evening, MPs voted down the Dubs amendement, which is calling for existing refugee family reunion rules to continue after we officially leave the EU at the end of the year. Our Director of Policy and Advocacy responds...

19 October 2020

Globally, the Red Cross has so far reached nearly 1 in 30 people with support; we will continue to be there for as long as we are needed. From the UK, to Yemen, to Bangladesh, and beyond, we have all been affected by this pandemic.