25 September 2020

Hertfordshire dad on completing epic 2,650-mile bike ride from London to Beirut

Eddie el Lamaa, who was born in Lebanon, has raised over £50k for the British Red Cross Beirut appeal (now closed). Eddie didn’t even own a bicycle two months ago but has ridden through nine countries en route to the Lebanese capital. He arrived on Thursday 24 September, after 40 days in the saddle.

Speaking upon arrival, he said: “There are lots of emotions today. I’m pleased to have done it and just hope that it helps the people here in Beirut.”

Eddie visited the site of the enormous explosion, which happened in August. He then met local Red Cross teams who’ve been working around the clock with rescue and relief work since the blast.

“It’s heart-breaking to see. There’s a lot of shock in the city. These Red Cross people are saints and angels. What a wonderful group of people they are. They work out of the goodness of their hearts. What I’ve done is nothing compared to what they have done and continue to do.”

The “novice cyclist” has been on the road for 40 days and has so far raised over £50k, which will be passed to the Lebanese Red Cross to support the relief effort following the massive explosion in Beirut on 4 August. Click to view the full press release.

Hertfordshire dad completes epic bike ride from London to Beirut