01 November 2022

Manston processing centre statement

Alex Fraser, British Red Cross Director of Refugee Services and Restoring Family Links said:

"We are extremely concerned about the escalating humanitarian situation at Manston. It’s clear that immediate action is required to ensure that the men, women and children who have just made a dangerous and potentially traumatic journey have their basic needs met in a safe environment.

"No one should experience overcrowded accommodation that puts them at risk of disease and potentially being detained unlawfully. We know from our work supporting people in similar temporary accommodation what a damaging impact it can have on them.

"Sadly, the serious problems at Manston are indicative of the wider issues facing the asylum system. The UK Government needs to urgently look at ways of reducing the backlog of asylum decisions, including making quicker decisions for nationalities who typically have their asylum claims approved, and providing more safe routes so people who have been forced to leave their homes do not have to make dangerous journeys and gamble with their lives.

"Our country has a proud history of helping people fleeing war and persecution. It doesn't matter how you got here, everyone deserves to be treated with compassion and humanity once you're on our shores."