23 November 2023

Publication of the government and ONS's latest migration statistics

Responding to the publication of the government and ONS’s latest migration statistics, Alex Fraser, Director of Refugee Support for the British Red Cross, said: 

“While it’s good to see the government process some of the backlog, there are still over 165,000 men, women and children stuck in limbo, waiting for their asylum claim to be heard. With uncertainty around how the Illegal Migration Act will work, this number could continue to rise. 

“People who have sought safety in the UK since spring can no longer be granted refugee status and have no way of moving on with their lives. The government must process all claims more efficiently to help people live in safety and with the dignity they deserve.  

“We’re also deeply concerned about the rising number of asylum claims being withdrawn – a 307 per cent increase in the last year. The government urgently needs to publish more data on this, so that we can better understand why it’s happening and make sure people who need protection are not falling through the gaps.” 

About the British Red Cross 

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