19 October 2020

British Red Cross response to Government rejecting protecting refugee family reunion rules

MPs voted, 327 to 264, to remove an amendment made by peers that would have protected refugee family reunion rules, after we officially leave the EU at the end of this year, which the British Red Cross has long been calling for. 

In response, Naomi Phillips, Director of Policy and Advocacy at British Red Cross, said “We’re very disappointed that the Government have rejected calls to protect an important way for refugee families to safely reunite in the UK. 

“Just two weeks ago the Home Secretary used her conference speech to talk about the importance of safe and legal ways for people to claim asylum in the UK. The Dublin System is one of these, allowing hundreds of families who had been separated by war and violence to be together again, and we cannot afford to lose it. 

“Our analysis shows that if we only rely on our existing domestic laws, fewer families will be able to reunite. We urgently need to see the Government change these laws, so people aren’t forced to take dangerous journeys and risk their lives to reach their family in the UK.” 

 For further information: 

  • press@redcross.org.uk or call 0207 877 7557
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Response to MPs defeat on protecting refugee family reunion rules