25 April 2023

British Red Cross statement on the humanitarian crisis in Sudan

Sam Turner, the British Red Cross’s Head of East and Southern African region, said:

“The humanitarian needs in Sudan were desperate before the recent violence and the situation will become catastrophic as conflict takes hold.

“The fighting has led to hundreds of fatalities and thousands have been injured, with many more people fearing for their lives or forced to flee their homes.

“Hospitals in Khartoum are quickly running out of even basic supplies, food, water and facing electricity cuts. Staff there urgently need first aid and medical kits, stretchers and beds, as well as diesel for power generators.

“The ICRC and IFRC are working closely with Sudanese Red Crescent Society volunteers who are on the ground to offer support in health facilities, with hundreds of them already providing first aid in Khartoum, Merowe and Darfur.

“We expect the humanitarian need will only grow in the coming days and weeks, including in neighbouring countries as people flee their homes to seek safety.”


The British Red Cross is working closely to support partners responding in Sudan, offering financial and human resource towards the work of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement.

The British Red Cross recently contributed £250,000 to an IFRC global fund, which is deployed in response to crises across the world, and has been utilised in recent days to support the humanitarian response in Sudan.