20 January 2021

Ready to respond as Storm Christoph threatens flooding in parts of the UK

British Red Cross volunteers and staff are ready to support communities affected by flooding as Storm Christoph looms during the latest national lockdown. 

The UK’s leading crisis response charity has been supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the UK throughout the coronavirus crisis – reaching more than 1.5m people – and remains prepared to help people who could be impacted by floods in the coming days. 

Simon Lewis, head of crisis response for the Red Cross says: “Emergencies can strike at any time – even in the middle of a global pandemic. Our crisis response teams across the UK are on standby and ready to support communities hit by severe weather and flooding in the wake of Storm Christoph. 

“Lots of people are coping with loss and struggling with the emotional strain of the pandemic, as well as the impact on their lives and livelihoods. Our volunteers will be there to give help and emotional support if needed.” 

British Red Cross tips for preparing for floods 

Before floods

  • Check for local flood warnings online or during weather forecasts and stay up to date with local radio and TV news.  You can also download the British Red Cross emergency app here. 
  • In a Covid-secure way, check in with vulnerable people to see what help they need and, if you are in a vulnerable situation yourself, let others know you may need a little help. 
  • Buy or prepare sandbags, move vehicles to higher ground and prepare an emergency kit of items you might need in the event of crisis – a first aid kit, drinking water, a snack, torch, mobile phone and charger, medication, face masks and some waterproof clothes might be some choices. 

During floods 

  •  Don’t walk, swim or drive through floodwater and don’t walk on sea defences or riverbanks. 
  • Avoid contact with flood water as it can be contaminated with sewage and don’t allow children to play in or near it. 
  • Contact your local council.  They will be helping your community respond to this crisis and may have arranged emergency shelter. 

After floods 

  • Throw away any food that has been in floodwater. 
  • Boil tap water or use bottled water until you’re told your water supply is safe. 
  • If you’re struggling and need a little help, especially in light of the coronavirus crisis, call the British Red Cross support line on 0808 196 3651.   


For more information:

  • For more information contact Paul Scott on 07834 525650 or at paulscott@redcross.org.uk 
  • For urgent out-of-hours media enquiries please contact 07710391703 or email press@redcross.org.uk 

Storm Christoph response