Helping people forced to flee their homes

Bags and boxes of relief items in Iraq

Conflict in Iraq forced millions of people from their homes. While major fighting has now ended, over two million people are still without a home.

More than 3.5 million people have now returned to their home towns and villages. 

Yet key public services such as hospitals, schools and water facilities have all been damaged and will need to be repaired. Power cuts and shortages of medicine are making daily life even harder.

What we’re doing in Iraq

The Red Cross and our partners the Iraqi Red Crescent are bringing life-saving food, water and health care to affected areas.

Right now, we’re supporting our partners to improve water and sanitation facilities for 20,000 people forced to flee their homes.

We are also reuniting families torn apart by the violence.

As people continue to return to their homes, they will need support with rebuilding their lives.

That’s why we’re helping our partners the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Iraqi Red Crescent to start providing cash grants. The grants will give people returning home the means to help themselves and their communities.

To help us reach people in crisis in Iraq and around the world, please donate to the British Red Cross International Relief Fund

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