Our advocacy report

Read our report on building resilient communities.

Our report, Building Resilient Communities, sets out our advocacy aims for 2020, our 150th anniversary year. 

We believe these practical steps are achievable this year and would bring about changes in policy and practice to help ensure that the most vulnerable are better protected. 

Since 1870, the British Red Cross has been supporting people with acts of kindness when crisis strikes. We could be getting people home safely from hospital or reuniting refugee families torn apart by conflict. Or our teams could be supporting those trafficked and exploited or equipping young people with the skills to save a life. 

And we’re always ready to work with communities in the UK and overseas when a disaster hits. 

We know that lasting change, at scale, will only be possible with the support of government, Parliament and other agencies.
Today, more than ever, people in the UK and across the world are facing complex issues which will require civil society, governments and others to work together in a more strategic, connected way. These issues range from global migration triggered by long-term conflict and the impact of extreme weather, to a renewed urgency to tackle the climate crisis as well as an ageing UK population.

Help us to take the first steps in making the systemic changes that will help protect those in the most vulnerable situations.

Download our advocacy report

Naomi Phillips, our director of policy and advocacy said:

In line with our commitment to supporting people in crisis, we advocate for changes to public policy and practice that could make all the difference to the lives of the vulnerable people we work with. 

Our recommendations are drawn from our wide operational experience and bear witness to what we see and who we speak to through our services. They are also grounded in broader, independent research. All are underpinned by evidence and our determination to ensure that people in crisis get the best possible response.

We look forward to working with the new government and Parliament to realise our vision for change.

Download our advocacy report