Coronavirus staff and volunteer information

This page contains information for British Red Cross staff and volunteers during the coronavirus outbreak. It will be updated regularly.


This page covers the Red Cross’ position and gives staff and volunteers all the information you need to know in one place.

You can find information on working from home and what to do if you are self-isolating, including links to log into our systems.

There's also information on new training for volunteers and contact links if you need IT support.

Last updated:  4.30pm, Friday 3 May

Are you a volunteer who has been affected by coronavirus? We need to know.

fill in our form to let us know whether you are ill, self-isolating or feeling better.

Our position

Following the latest government advice, there are some key decisions we need to make as an organisation.

ELT will continue to communicate key decisions to you. However, we ask you to follow the latest government advice:

  • Now work from home if you can  we know this is not possible for everyone and we will be making decisions about which services we continue to run and how in the coming days.
  • Self isolate for 14 days if you or someone in your household has symptoms. Check for more information at
  • If you are over 70 years old, or have underlying health conditions you must social distance yourself.
  • Pregnant women and individuals who are normally advised to have a flu jab should minimise social contact.
  • Avoid all non-essential travel  this includes travel to any internal or external meetings and any events you have planned should be cancelled.

You can also read some frequently asked questions.

What to do if you’re self-isolating

If you're a member of staff

If you are self-isolating or in quarantine you need to inform SSC even if you can work from home. It is vital that all incidents of self isolation are entered to SAVi as we need to ensure we have accurate record keeping during this time.

You can contact SSC by:

Staff in services which have different reporting arrangements should continue to follow these.

In all cases you should also contact your line manager to keep them updated.

If you're a volunteer

If you're a volunteer who's been affected by Coronavirus and can’t volunteer for us at the moment because you are ill or are self-isolating, please let us know by filling out this form. If your status changes or you feel better, please come back and let us know by filling it out again.

New coronavirus pre-deployment training

This training was designed by the British Red Cross for people who are going to be deployed to support our response to the coronavirus.

It tells you what you need to know and do in preparation for deployment, with key information on looking after yourselves and others.

The content of this course will be constantly updated to reflect the latest changes and government advice.

This course should take you around 30 minutes to complete. 

Working from home

Below, we set out the processes for accessing our OneLogin and Citrix tools for staff and volunteers. This information is also on Redroom.

Log in to OneLogin portal

You don’t need to use Citrix to access most of our systems. You can use the OneLogin portal to:

  • Send and receive emails
  • Visit RedRoom
  • Visit MySupport for support from IT and SSC
  • Access Office365
  • Access SAVi Self Service
  • Access Agresso to submit expenses
  • Use Fuse for learning and development
  • Book travel and accommodation on iCentral

If you need to access your personal or shared drive, connect to Citrix using the instructions further down.


The first time you log in outside of an office, you'll need a smartphone or tablet, as well as a laptop or computer.

  1. Download the 'OneLogin Protect' app to your smartphone/tablet
  2. Go to on your laptop/computer
  3. Enter your username and password on your laptop/computer
  4. Follow the instructions on the 'OneLogin Protect' app to pair your smartphone/tablet to your OneLogin account
  5. Click Send OTP on the app or enter the code manually on your device

Click here for a full guide


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password which you can find in your welcome email/letter. Your username will be your 9 digit workforce ID then e.g.
  3. Answer one security question (you have to set 3 security questions when you first log in)

Click here for a full guide

Connect to Citrix

From a British Red Cross laptop

  1. Download the 'OneLogin Protect' app to your smartphone/tablet
  2. Click on the Storefront icon on your desktop
  3. You’ll be redirected to the OneLogin portal, enter your username and password
  4. Follow the instructions on the 'OneLogin Protect' app to pair your smartphone/tablet to your OneLogin account
  5. Click Send OTP on the app or enter the code manually on your device
  6. Go back to the Storefront, you should now be logged in

Click here for a full guide

From a personal laptop

  1. Follow the instructions from the staff log in to OneLogin portal above
  2. Click on the Citrix icon on the OneLogin portal
  3. Select the drop down next to your name in the top right hand corner of the Citrix Storefront screen
  4. Select Change Citrix Receiver
  5. Click Use Citrix Light Receiver
  6. On the Citrix Storefront screen click on your desktop. Citrix will now launch in a new tab on your browser and you will have access to your virtual desktop

Click here for a full guide

Help and support

If you're having problems with OneLogin or Citrix, contact MySupport.