Making confident decisions video transcript

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re doing the right thing – from choosing a career, to agreeing to go somewhere with a friend.

And it’s normal if you feel unsure. Here’s an activity to help you feel more confident about a decision.

Write down your answers to these questions.

What am I concerned about?

What’s stopping me from deciding?

Remember, it’s okay to say no. Always do what’s right for you. Make a list of reasons to do it, or not do it.

Think about which come out strongest. Basing your decision on this can help you trust your choice more.

What am I scared of?

Making a change can feel like a big step, but sometimes our fears can hold us back. Stand up to your fears and say the words: “I will make a decision.”

How much time do I have?

Make sure you give yourself enough time to make a thoughtful decision, but set yourself a limit.

Now reflect on your answers. Does your decision seem clearer now?

When you’ve made your mind up, write down what felt difficult or easy, and what you would do differently or the same.

This will help give you more confidence for the next time you need to make a decision.