Transcript for How to Understand Stress

Stress patterns

Stress can be a reaction to change. It's something we can feel in our body, in our thoughts, and our emotions. Different people might feel stress in different ways.

It's important to understand stress and how it affects us, so we can manage it well.

Here's an activity to help you with this. You'll need coloured pens and some paper.

Start by drawing an outline of a person in the middle of the paper.

Around it, write all the things that might cause you to feel stressed.

Now think about how you feel. Use a different coloured pen to answer these questions:

Where in your body do you feel the stress? Mark that place inside the outline.

How does stress affect your emotions? Write the words around the outline.

How does stress make you act? Write around the outline.

And finally, what makes you feel better when you feel stressed? Write around the outline again.

By exploring your stress, you can discover ways to feel better. Being kind to yourself can make a big difference.

When you've finished, pause and ask yourself what have you learned?

What might you do differently now you have done this activity?