Terms and conditions for Gift Aid on donated goods

Understand the terms and conditions for claiming Gift Aid on the sale of goods you donate to the British Red Cross.

When you have made a Gift Aid declaration at a British Red Cross shop, we’ll give you a unique reference number to identify your donated goods.

This reference number lets us track the money generated from the sale of your goods.

The role of Britcross in Gift Aid

Britcross Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the British Red Cross and pays its taxable profits to the British Red Cross using Gift Aid.

If Britcross decides to sell your goods, it chooses the price of the goods and how they’ll be sold. If Britcross chooses not to sell your goods it will recycle them or dispose of them without notifying you. Britcross won’t return your unsold goods.

Britcross charges a total of 2.5% commission on proceeds from selling your goods on behalf of the British Red Cross. Britcross will notify you if there is an increase in this rate of commission.

The British Red Cross only claims Gift Aid tax relief on the net proceeds of your goods, minus the Britcross commission.

Gift Aid on sales of your goods over £1,000 in a tax year

Britcross acts as your sales agent. It donates the net proceeds of sale of your goods to the British Red Cross.

Britcross doesn’t have to tell you that it is making the donation, unless the value exceeds £1,000 in a tax year. If the value reaches more than £1,000, Britcross will contact you to ask for your consent to donate funds over that value.

You can tell us if you want to keep all or part of the proceeds over £1,000 and we’ll return the sum by cheque within 28 days if possible. You should let us know that you want Britcross to do this within 21 days of us writing to you, as we send the funds to the British Red Cross after that time.

If you choose to take the all or part of the proceeds above £1,000 this agency agreement will be stopped and you won’t be eligible to sell goods through Britcross. 

Contact us if you want an annual statement of the proceeds from the sale of your donated goods. We’ll send you the statement about the previous tax year at the start of a new tax year.

Your responsibilities in the Gift Aid scheme

You have to pay enough tax to cover all your donations made under Gift Aid in each tax year. You remain liable for capital gains tax, income tax and VAT if you sell significant quantities of goods.

It is also your sole responsibility if a buyer wants compensation for any of your goods that they bought.

We’ll contact you by email or letter about this agreement.

You can terminate this agreement at any time. Britcross can also terminate this agreement at any time.

Cancelling your Gift Aid agreement with Britcross

You can cancel either at any time by:

By cancelling your Gift Aid, you will be terminating the agency agreement.

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