Streaming and gaming FAQs

We answer your questions about livestreaming and gaming for the British Red Cross including how to set up your campaign on Tiltify.

How do I stream?

Follow our set up guide for all the steps you need to take to set your charity stream up for success.

Where do I set up my charity stream?

We have set up a Tiltify account for Team Red Cross. Tiltify provides streamers with a platform to fundraise for a charity. It links up to streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live.

How do people donate?

Once you have created and published your campaign, you can share the link to your Tiltify campaign or copy the custom donate URL provided on your campaign overview page.

What can I stream?

It's up to you what you choose to livestream. It could be gaming, music, fitness, art, cooking, online lessons or just chatting.

Do you have a Discord channel?

Yes, you can join us on Discord to share ideas, make friends and be the first to know about upcoming events.

How do I cancel my event?

If you’ve created an event and want to cancel it, simply go to your account dashboard on Tiltify, click on the campaign dashboard, go to the overview section and scroll to the bottom to delete.

Where can I get graphics to use in my campaign?

Our content creation toolkit provides graphics for Twitch, templates for social media, overlays, logos and more.

I'm taking part in a challenge. Do I need to do it all at once?

You're welcome to split your challenge out across the month in whatever way suits you. Please note: long periods of gaming is a real challenge and should be treated seriously. Only go for it if you are sure it will not pose a risk to your health and make sure to take plenty of breaks, stay hydrated and get a good amount of rest in before and after the event.

How do you know when I’ve done the hours?

We do not track your hours, the challenge is only meant to be a bit of fun. Do as many hours as you feel comfortable with.

How do I end my campaign on Tiltify?

Go to the bottom of your campaign overview page and click ‘Retire campaign’.

Why can’t I publish my campaign?

Make sure you’ve verified your email first. Look back through your emails (check spam / junk folders) for an email from Tiltify when you first registered.

On Tiltify it says the campaign is over, how can I take part?

Go to the registration page and make sure to set up your campaign under the ‘Individual’ section.

How can I change my campaign dates?

To change the end date, go to your campaign overview page on Tiltify and click on the end date. If you want to change the start date, and haven’t had any donations, unpublish your campaign and change the dates. If you have had a donation, you cannot change the start date (the dates don’t make much difference to donors anyway).

Will people still be able to donate after the campaign has finished?

People will be able to donate indefinitely until you actively ‘Retire’ your campaign, regardless of when the end date is.

Will the money automatically come through?

If you’ve set up your fundraising campaign on Tiltify, then yes. You DO NOT need to retire your event for the money to come through.

How do I promote my event?

Check our guide on how to promote your event to help it get the attention it deserves.

Can you promote my event?

We'd love to promote everyone's stream but unfortunately we can't retweet individual events except under special circumstances.

How do I raise money?

Have a look at these tips on how to boost donations.

Can’t see an answer to your question?


Ask your question in the #support channel on Tiltify. If it's urgent, mention the @Support role for a quicker response.
Or you can email us.