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1. I confirm that I meet the age requirement as outlined in the information section of this event.

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5. I have consulted with my GP/medical professional, and I confirm that my involvement in this event is in line with any advice received which does not prevent me from training and participating in this event.

6. I understand that if a free place is offered to me, based on me reaching a minimum fundraising target, donations from connected persons: for example, parents, siblings, or spouses, may not qualify for Gift Aid.


British Red Cross or its agents may take photographs during this event. They may be used (with any retouching or alteration) either separately or together and in any medium, including social media, their website, and in printed materials. You can email and request photos to be removed from future publications, but they may continue to appear in publications already in circulation. If you do not wish to appear in group images, please try to avoid posing for them.

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