How we assess UK honours

We invite you to suggest people for these honours and we will share your nomination with our national awards and honours panel.

If we agree that someone should be put forward for a national award, we will get back to you to ask for more information. We will also handle the process with the government  you just need to help us start the process by making the nomination.

UK national honours are reviewed by the government and awarded twice a year.

We are looking for people with exemplary service, who:

  • have changed things, with an emphasis on practical achievement
  • have demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship
  • are examples of the best sustained and selfless voluntary service
  • have delivered in a way that has brought distinction to UK life.

It is important that you give as much detail as possible about what your nominee has achieved that makes them stand out from others. You should also make it clear if the achievement is in one area or in several different areas.

When nominating someone, please consider:

  • What has their impact been?
  • How wide is their influence?
  • What are their achievements?

Nominations should detail whether an individual’s contribution has been made at a local, regional or national level.

Queen’s Badge of Honour (issued by the British Red Cross Society)

The Queen's Badge of Honour is the Red Cross’s highest honour, and only 30 people may hold it at any one time.

It is awarded for exceptional service of the highest order to the Society or to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Nominations should focus on the exceptional nature of a person's contribution, demonstrating how they have gone above and beyond during the course of their duties.

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